Charlotte and Mister Owl's great adventure

my name is Charlotte!

Nothing in the world could be more exciting than to go on an adventure with your best friend! With her companion mr. Owl by her side, charlotte is pretty much scared of nothing. When the two are together, they’re an unbeatable team.

On their expedition, the friends discover the wonderful, diverse and exciting country of luxembourg! They plunge into its culture and history, explore fascinating spots and trace legends and traditions. This story invites all readers, young and old, to discover luxembourg and its many facets. It’s such fun, you could almost take to the air! Prepare for take-off!

Now sit comfortably. Tidy your hair. Hold on tight. Blow your nose one last time… and off we go.

here we come!

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A new children’s book about Luxembourg for the whole family, in four different language versions, beautifully illustrated by Keong‑A Song.

Every stage of the trip turns up engaging anecdotes and useful facts.

They delve into the grand duchy’s culture and history, seek out fascinating places and discover local legends and customs.

The illustrator Keong‑A Song has set her personal stamp on the book with a great deal of attention to detail. Her illustrations enhance the delightful atmosphere, and readers are always discovering something new. It is a book that provides a constant source of enjoyment and rewards repeated reading.

Author Thomas Schoos has come up with a charming and intriguing story for his young readers. They join Charlotte and her best friend, pint-sized Mr Owl, on a series of exciting adventures. The pair set out on an expedition to explore the beautiful and diverse country of Luxembourg.

Join Charlotte, Mr Owl and their friends on their journey and start off for a great adventure through the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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